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Daily Connections is a personal ministry sponsored by Linden & Marilyn Lawrence who live in Tennessee. Our goal is to know Jesus in a more intimate way.   We read, we share, we pray, we nurture, we bond, we grow. .  

“ For me, these devotional times are a learning experience. They  give opportunity to ask questions and  get input from others on things that  sometimes I don’t fully understand.  I know that the Holy Spirit is with us every time we gather, and it is a blessing to me.” 

                                                                                            SK Feb 7, 2019

"What I enjoy about meeting online, is that this is a special  time to join my prayers with those of others"..                   WA Feb 15, 2019

“I thank you for the daily devotion because it gives me my marching orders, it gives me something to think about every day.  a different Bible verse every day, often the scripture of the day encourages me to go into the Bible and read the rest of the chapter, and that way I find myself reading my Bible more.  It encourages me not to stop at just a little bit but as I read that whole chapter the Lord through the Holy Spirit lights me up and gives answers to things, I want to know that will help me grow.´AN  Jan 29, 2019

"There is a poem I like that says in part “'Tis the set of the sails And not the gales, That tells the way we go.”

The desire of my heart is to draw near to God, to know Him a little better every day. The devotional calls help me keep my sails set in this direction and to learn not to be affected by the calm or the gales. 

  • I love the coming together,

  • the opening of our hearts to God

  • and letting the Holy Spirit set our sails in the right direction: upward." 
                                                     MML Feb 19, 2019  

“This devotional time for me is an answer to prayer. It reminds me of another time when a visiting evangelist arranged a call in the morning, and it was something that I enjoyed.   When you say Amen to someone’s prayer it means that you agree.

  These online devotional calls give us contact with other people to know how their lives are going and that we all can grow more and more in grace. We care about each other and that’s a blessing. It shows that the Lord cares.”  GR Feb 25, 2019


     "This prayer group is a source of inspiration, we read the various devotionals and also pray together. 

     This time is also an opportunity to connect  with people during the day, otherwise there would be much less contact in my life.

     This provides a meaningful time for contact  that keeps me from being isolated and alone.                                                                                                                                                 DM Feb 2, 2019



Like best

I like to be part of a family, to share what is important to each other spiritually, and be accepted and encouraged. I love how the Holy Spirit opens my eyes and ears to learn just what I need that day, not only from the scriptures and readings but from the insights of others.

Would recommend

Yes                                            KW Feb 26, 2019

“Daily devotions gather us together each and every day. We know that the Holy spirit is in our hearts and this helps to strengthen us to learn more and more about our God. We can go out into our community and share our thoughts and our dreams.”  

                                         JN Feb 24, 2019.

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