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Daily Connections is a personal ministry sponsored by Linden & Marilyn Lawrence who live in Tennessee. Our goal is to know Jesus in a more intimate way.   We read, we share, we pray, we nurture, we bond, we grow. .  

We are online  daily 

7:00 AM  - 365 days

We are online  daily 

7:00 PM  - 365 days


  • Internet connection - Each of these online small group meetings require an online connection.  

  • e-sword - Each participant will benfit by downloading this free Bible software: www.e-sword.net .  We use it with our morning and evening devotionals.

  • e-sword - We only have access to The Someone Cares module via e-sword. 

  • Zoom is similar to Skype but has features that work much better with small groups.



  • We are expecting to have more than one facilitator  in order to accomodate or fit  several AM-PM time slots to better match participants schedules. 

  • Therefore consider the content of interest first.

  • Ideally each group will have six (more or less)  participants. So invite a friend  or two come along with you!   This will be a warm and friendly sharing time together!

  • Each facilitators will not come to be know as a know it all. Each group member is expected to bring an attitude of learning and sharing with others.