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Daily Connections is a personal ministry sponsored by Linden & Marilyn Lawrence who live in Tennessee. Our goal is to know Jesus in a more intimate way.   We read, we share, we pray, we nurture, we bond, we grow. .  

Christian Programing 

For many years we have preferred Christian satellite programing over cable and local network broadcasting and entertainment.

We are discovering that live streaming over the internet is a less expensive option when compared with commercial broadcasting such as satellite and cable. 

Roku Devices

Roku and similar devices are a one-time purchase and work well with home Wi-Fi systems.  The HDMI stick as shown below was under $30 at Sam's.  Other units depending upon features sell between $39 -$120.

Note: Requires Wi-Fi / high speed internet. 

Snapshot of our TV homescreen:

Customize channel selections

It's simple to choose worthwile channels and programing that will enrich the lives of you and your family.  

We especially enjoy:

There are many other choices:  choose selectively from those that "square up" with the Bible. 

SAVE Dollars

The screeshot of our home TV screen above displays channels that we enjoy watching.  We keep YouTube for live streaming from our local church. We have chosen only the internet portion of  paid subscriptions for  commercial cable TV or satellite,  We are enjoying savings  in the hundreds of dollars per year.